Our company

For over 40 years Bruno Elio and the family that run the business to this day, have been building what is now one of the more innovative fruit and vegetable wholesaling companies in Italy. Our successful history and import export reputation ensures we grow and work with the best growers in Italy that provide the highest standards in quality, freshness and flavor.

Bruno Elio srl, under the brand eliovero, exports fresh fruit and vegetables from Italy’s leading growers.  Having established our working relationships over three generations of experience in the field, we offer our international customers the finest produce, premium fruit and vegetables, from Italy with love.

Our experience ensure that cold chain integrity is maintained throughout the whole supply chain. The import export division is operated by experienced staff, all with a qualified experience in the export industry. We enjoy long standing relationships with various overland, shipping and airlines companies, helping us deliver our produce in the speediest, direct and cost effective manner, taking care about quality. Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, North America, Europe, Arab countries, India, China and Australia are just some of our destinations.

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